Interested in wearing culottes?

what are culottes? loose and flowy pants that hang right below the knee,can be shorter like shorts or longer in a midi length.they are super comfy and best for spring/summer.want to make them a part of your summer wardrobe? here are style tips on how to wear CULOTTES!

Go for a simple and summery look by wearing light pink culottes with white topΒ 
professional yet chic look with black culottes white top and with or without jacket.
High waist culottes with bralette or crop top.
culottes look superb with heels because they are baggy but you can wear them with sneakers too!
if you are wearing printed culottes than keep rest of your outfit simple with solid colored top.
wear culottes that ties at the waist and tuck your shirt in. looks super chic
yes! you can wear culottes in chilly weather too. Add a jacket to toughen up even the most feminine culottes.



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