Lets talk about our curvy fashionista’s today! curvy ladies have been left out of the fashion conversation for year’s. but in 2015 model TESS MUNSTER has been signed by milk model management,this move makes her first plus size model of her size (22) and this attention on plus size models and democratization of all trendy cloths for plus size is due to a group of fearless plus size fashion bloggers. because of them world is finally taking notice.

some of plus size fashion bloggers

so if you are curvy beauty the first thing you should know is how to style your frame to the most flattering way. Remember everything is not for everyone but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do current fashion trends….for that you need to understand you body type.our measurements change over time but our basic shape is product of bone structure that remains same.

understand your body type!

its very important to understand your body type to improve your style.there are three basic body shapes….

1-pear shape…upper body is smaller than lower half.

2-Athletic shape….  toned, square body.

3-apple shape…….upper body is larger than lower body.


How to dress for your shape!

1-pear shape

your upper body is smaller than your lower body. may have a long neck and narrow shoulders, small to medium bust,defined waist,fuller calves and curvy hips. as a pear shape you should always emphasize your face,neck and waist.try to wear wide neck colorful tops and flowy comfortable bottoms. straight skirts and maxi dress look amazing on pear shape.


2-Athletic shape

the women with athletic body type have straight toned figure, broad shoulders, toned arms,square hips and not much need to create curves by wearing certain type of cloths. wear flowy loose tops ruffles or lace to enhance the bust line and soften the shoulder.loose top with belt to add waistline with bubble skirt or a dress with belt is good option.


3-Apple shape

they have fuller breast with wide back mostly slim arms and shoulders could be wide. having slim arms and legs can be used to your advantage. you can look more slimmer with fitted figure flattering dress. for tops try to pick styles with empire waist that  begins under the bust to draw attention away from your stomach. V-neck plus size top and dresses or skirts with fuller silhouette to hide stomach area.


shopping tips!

  • buy cloths that makes the eye go up and down instead of side to side(go for vertical prints)
  • buy a proper size bra. it has to fit to keep your bust up and eliminate.
  • buy nice heels, if you don’t wear high heels just go for inch or two to slim your legs
  • get a plus size shape wear.

some ideas!

body shape(athletic rectangle) size 16

with broad shoulders and thicker middle you can look best in this style. untucked dress shirt, nice blazer and can wear statement necklace to draw all eyes up. you can wear nice wrap dress to create a waist and shape, pointed pumps to lengthen  legs.


body shape(hourglass) size 14

bright jacket over dark shirt and v-shape printed skirt. v-neck shirt under shaggy cardigan with silk pants. or silk dress shirts with nice fit pants and ankle boots


body shape(pear) size 18

wider necklines, diagonal line blouse with dark pants and ankle boots for perfect formal look. silk pants with small prints and loose blouse is a good option too


remember curves are hot but you need to make sure you look good with them. Avoid things that make you look bulky and focus on smoothing out your bumps. don’t wait for your weight, you can live fashionable in any size and shape.keep it curvy,confident and cute….love you all xx 


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