While pregnant with my kids if i look back,honestly i didn’t like the way i use to look 😦 i spent most of the time on bed rest,feeling fat,old styled out of fashion (and shape) with biggest belly ever!!! so what i have learned from my pregnancies as well what i have learned while styling my prego friends i will try to summarize here.

so you are pregnant, Hooray!! but now what to do about your wardrobe??your maternity wardrobe doesn’t need to be filled with new cloths,you don’t need to buy bunch of maternity for maternity cloths can be exciting with the right knowledge and mindset. here’s a few tips on dressing for confidence and comfort during your pregnancy.


just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you need to change your style.

1-if you are a pant girl,wear it! if it makes you feel comfortable. if you were wearing skinny jeans before don’t be afraid to wear it in pregnancy.many maternity lines are now making stretchy comfy skinny jeans.maternity jeans with top and biker jacket looks so carefree chic and stylish.12509634_10203917914308365_313866160033430264_n


2-you don’t want to look bigger when you are pregnant,wearing loose cloths to hide your size is a good idea but if you want a stylish pregnancy than trim down your try to wear stretchy dresses it will show off your shape in good way.12552910_10203917915028383_8053323096515257504_n

3-when your pregnant you butt gets pregnant too. wearing something long and light weighted on top of your shirt or dress hides all the extra stuff and adds interest to your outfit. Kimonos and long cardigans are good option.12512293_10203917915068384_6287098804639824038_n

4-flowy maxi’s are comfy,pretty and pregnant ladies glow in them. nice accessories can add a hint of luxe to your look.


5-if you are proud of your growing belly and want to showoff, wear strips it look cute.12573776_10203918550364266_785091032420185127_n

6-belts above belly can help give you a bit more shape.12001_10203917916428418_5190193800143133311_n

7-don’t limit yourself with light colors, try to wear more colorful cloths.but if you don’t feel like wearing bright colors, just wear colorful shrug or scarf on top of your light/solid color. beautiful scarfs can distract the eye up away from baby bump and look so stylish.10626620_10203917914788377_5047026521605079465_n

8-go for capes and ponchos,so much in fashion these days and you can wear them after delivery as well.12642696_10203917916188412_4374239151294912532_n

9-you have surely heard of this fashion lifesaver for pregnant ladies; the belly band. its stretchy fabric band that overlaps the top of your unzipped or low-slung jeans/pants/skirt and holds them up while leaving room for your growing belly.12645075_10203921629401240_1682099720171622478_n

10-your hubbys button-down shirts/t-shirts are great for those days when you are running out of your maternity cloths. and it look cute :*12642625_10203918505443143_5181050035805306388_n


when it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort is the main thing which comes to your mind. here are some tips on looking your best no matter how big your bump become πŸ™‚


many ladies don’t want to disclose that there’s a bun in the oven until second trimester and try to keep their pregnancy under wraps but their boobs are bigger and they start to again weight what to do? it can be an uncomfortable phase for fashion. don’t go for low rise jeans, it can can cause a tummy to pooch out. don’t go for high waist pants, it will draw the attention to the belly as well. ideally pants should hit about one inch below the belly button to prevent the blooming look. try to wear longer shirts and loose from waist. A-line shirts (empire waist) are cute and comfortable too.12592719_10203918551444293_8162343591449142875_n



you feel like you are new size every week and you don’t want to blow your money on buying new cloths every month. try to buy cloths that will grow with you! like wrap dresses. go for stretchy dresses that fit nicely in pregnancy ,will hide your stomach after baby birth. the other common problem are your boobs busting out all over. invest in few good bras. most women find that not only their cup size growing but their band size growing too. but if your band size is not growing too much than you can get bra extenders for that.( can get at lingerie stores)12540731_10203917916348416_788318574480395238_n


dressing your belly during the third trimester once your bump has morphed into basketball (or bigger in my case) can be very feel huge and uncomfortable and don’t want any zip/button or band in your dress. try wearing long maxi dresses that you can wear even after delivery. loose fitting shirts with leggings.




for the first three months you will probably be able to wear your regular work wardrobe. you may need to leave the top button undone on your pants or can use belly bands, a stretchy fabric band that holds your pants up so you can leave them unzip.later you can buy maternity band pants, you can wear yoga pants with long shirts/ cardigans and jackets.12645103_10203917914988382_5928055350530853722_n12540653_10203917915428393_6375087450014363921_n


A nice black dress…. black is slimming and it goes with everything. you can wear nice shoes/ jewelry and clutch with it and if you are conscious about your weight and arms go for a wrap it will allow you to go sleeveless without totally baring them. you can find simple/ beaded/silky cashmere wraps every where.12565613_10203921749764249_7453691922395361618_n


one of the most exciting day for a mommy to be. you will be surrounded by love and best wishes and you want to look your best. remember the current trend in maternity fashion is about enhancing, not hiding your pregnant figure. here are few idea’s for your consideration.12645137_10203917914428368_7659317115298994333_n

pregnancy is the most beautiful period in woman’s life.once you are pregnant, you are full of joy and hope. everyone gives you extra attention and love to make you feel special. try to keep your self happy. being pregnant doesn’t mean you cant keep up with new fashion trends.there’s no reason not to look your best for these nine have earned it! you deserve it! and you need it! having a baby is one of the most amazing thing so flaunt it!12647225_10203921815285887_2939306732877598209_n




17 thoughts on “STYLING THE BUMP!

  1. Very well written Sonia ! Effective format, motivational visuals are very attractive to new moms to be. Must be Inspiring for many. Exciting to read more from you .


  2. Wooow reallly impressive .
    Love reading it everytime … loved the pharse ” just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you need to change your style ” .
    Way to go girl
    Keeep up the good work.

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