some days you want your makeup look natural and not too done. A fresh face is always in style.we have seen those girls who always look naturally gorgeous and their makeup looks very minimal,right? i’m spilling the beans on no-makeup look so you all can look effortlessly fabulous and natural beauties! well i’m not an expert or PRO but i love makeup and love teaching people what i know so here are few tips for natural looking makeup.

1-one of the most important no-makeup beauty tip is to have natural base.pick a base with dewy finish for best results.(you can use tinted moisturizer or BB cream too)

2-if you have dark circles,be sure to hide them with concealer. trust me all those girls sporting natural looks are wearing lots of concealer.

3-use a loose or translucent power where you need it… T-ZONE area,under eye on top of spots after concealer.

4-apply an eye shadow… little darker than your natural skin tone and apply all over your can use a shimmery champagne color to highlight you brow bone and inner corners as well.

5-apply eye pencil in between your lash line, it really open up the eyes and make lashes appear fuller without any obvious liner. apply your mascara afterwards.

6-grab your pink or peach blush and apply on the apple of your checks.going too red or pink can look too done-up.

7-use highlighter for a dewy skin and blend it nicely.the highlighter is one of the finishing touch of your makeup,so you need to be careful not to smear it all around.

8-use a tinted lip balm or any nude lip color. creamy or semi sheer lipsticks work best with this look.


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