The sexy 70’s style flares!

70’s revival is here!!! stores are already full of all sorts of flared jeans. if i could live in a decade of style, the 70’s would be my pick. long hair,oversize glasses,skinny scarf,bohemian vibes and flattering must be thinking i’m talking about flare jeans, well i’m not talking about simple flare or just an oversize boot cut jeans. i’m talking about full-on swinging bell bottoms.yup,bells like 70’s the way your mom would be the happiest watching you in this chic trendy style.most important thing….it can be tricky to master for curvy girls, but its super easy to style you can wear fitted top with long cardigan or long vest you can add oversize scarf too Β and high heels.wearing right shoes is so important with this style.(brief guide to flared jeans for plus size is coming soon)

Are you ready for something with little more flare? check out my DUM MARO DUM MOMENTS πŸ˜‰

HIGH-WAIST BELL-BOTTOM PANTS WITH TUCKED IN SHIRT WOODEN-WEDGES AND SKINNY SCARF. Β the skinny scarf become a must have looks like a thick choker necklace, just a single wrap and let the two ends hang down .



BUG-LOVE CROP TOP WITH HIGHT-WAIST PANTS.crop tops are made for high-waist pants.

6 thoughts on “The sexy 70’s style flares!

  1. I hav always adore the 70’s style the way our mom used to look soooo adorably sexy …. now the 70’s style is bak with chic 70’s style ..


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