First Look of MOR MAHAL!

Don’t remember after how many years i’m watching a Pakistani drama serial and the credit goes to “MOR MAHAL”( period based drama based on the life of 18th century ruler).Really appreciate the efforts of team Mor Mahal put into it.From the Sets to the costumes and styling of all the characters everything was just perfect.


Not an easy project to make specially when it comes to sets and location and showing the culture and life style of royals of past centuries..Extremely challenging! but i must say they nailed it! loved the interior of Nawabs harem.beautiful candle stands, antique furniture and big mirrors every thing was up to the mark.all credit goes to the set designer.(btw who’s the set designer?)






Lets talk about the look of main characters:


done a brilliant job as Wazir Begum.she did justice to her character of fierce/powerful women.i think she have that fierce look naturally which was required for this character.



Loved her outfits in first episode. very flowy, vintage and heavily detailed outfits by Ali Xeeshan .i noticed a shoulder Pads were added to give her a powerful look . in her first scene she was wearing a high collar outfit which was again giving very firm look to her character. loved her heavily embroidered veil in her second scene.Loved Exclusively designed jewellery by Zaheen Kamran .i think this look enhance her powerful character.


Ali Xeeshan’s coustumes bring Mor Mahal to life. Heard that Meesha wanted only him to design her costumes,as she required very rich wardrobe for her character.He designed her head gears aswell(loved her head gear in first episode)


making his acting debut from this period drama.i like his acting as a Nawab so far,could be better but its too early to say anything about his character and acting as its just a first episode.heard he polished his urdu and acting skills to bring Nawabs character to life on TV.




Congratulations to the team!!blown away with the first episode ,all I can say is I’m hooked!












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