My 80’s Inspired Eastern Outfit!

I always love to wear fusion style when it comes to eastern outfits.Fusion is the result of mixing western and eastern cuts or style to create a single entity. Fashion just went fusion and let me clear you one thing here! fusion fashion is not just wearing tunic with straight pants, but also using our heavy textile and embroidery material in our outfits with western silhouettes and cuts.

my today’s outfit is inspired by 80’s style fashion!over sized shirt with one baggy sleeve and the other one is normal three quarter sleeve. long shirt with modern cut with pearls,paired it up  with carpi pants with side button and embroidered net duptta giving this outfit a royal look.wore beautiful pearl earrings to complete my look!!

In today’s post i will show you my Fusion outfit. so lets have a look how east meet west and created this amazing look!

  • DRESS:                    custom made by Ayesha Sohails fashion house Sew In Style!
  • EARRINGS:              Simple Ideas by Amna Zain
  • HEELS:                     Christian Louboutin
  • PHOTOGRAPHY:     JZE photography










17 thoughts on “My 80’s Inspired Eastern Outfit!”

  1. Absolutely ravishing!
    Is there no cutting for the sleeves done? Just trying to understand the stitching..


    1. Thanks Mehak!
      The cutting is done on the top of my sleeves
      Which I don’t like normally but maybe in this style it suppose to be like that!!


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