Don’t match your makeup to your Red dress!

Red is such a bright color, so your makeup with red dress should be simple!if you will wear too much makeup like bright red lipstick and made up eyes you will look overdone  but if you don’t wear enough makeup, you could look washed-out(personal experience)So it’s better to highlight either your eyes or your lips not both.


If you don’t want to wear red lipstick, go for a nude lips. As I told you nude lipstick can make your skin look a little washed-out, Specially with vibrant red dress. If you feel that!!add little rosy color to your cheeks but not too much!



add blush In rosy colour to your cheeks.Please avoid using blush that exactly matches your red dress.better to go for light rosy,peachy or pink shades.




Smokey eye shadow will look very glamorous with red dress. use shimmery or matte black, gray eye shadows.


You Don’t Need to Match Lipstick And Nail Polish Colors! I always love to match my nail color with my red dress!


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