Abaya Look for Iftar!

Ramadan Special!

Today’s blog is all about Abaya outfit that I styled based around Emirati fashion and style.I never wore Abaya before so I was feeling bit confused as you can see in my pictures:/ This is the first outfit of its kind I have put together so hope you like!

I picked up this beautiful Abaya from EVAYA ready-couture brand which is owned by an emerging designer Aya Al Jawhary who is from Arabic background. Aya’s perspective for her brand label Evaya Collection is to have unique designs which are exclusively made for an individual. The collections designed are mostly elegant, evening and trendy wears and they are designed and represented with exclusivity. The Evaya Collections are feminine, classy and they are designed in a way which can be wearable by any woman coming from different cultures.

Black Velvet Arabic biography letters on tulle fabric and used soft velvet cotton as lining to give feminine and elegant look which can be wear in day and afternoon! And perfect for Ramadan!!





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