Necks are new Cleavage!!

Necks are new cleavage lately!! We all are delighted with the comeback of choker!! In western style you can wear skinny choker with bit of fabric or leather like 90s style.and in eastern style our traditional Hyderabadi style chokers are can wear these chokers with your traditional/causal outfits.


people name it in different foams .
It’s an INDIAN HYDERABADI jewllery
Mostly Mughals Era ladies wored them
pure traditional jewllery which gives elegant and Royal look !!



If you want to add glamour to your outfit, there is no need to add layer after layer of necklaces. Beautifully crafted choker will instantly lift up your glamour and here is my favorite piece from Simple Ideas elegant and stunning collection.


If nature didn’t grant you a long neck with enough space between the chin and the shoulders, then, choker is not the accessory for you.but we have solution for that too. You can try this style!!Slightly changed in shape It’s usually comes up more gracefully on bit shorter neck.




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