Justice For Royal Palm

Today i’m not writing about any fashion trends,not giving you any fashion advice! today i want to highlight an illegal act done by Pakistan Railway Minister Mr Saad Rafique by taking over Royal palm (not through any court order) because here Mr Saad Rafique is acting like a Judge himself  and king of Qabza group!! as he refused to obey the court order and took over the control of  Royal palm with 300 Railway Police men without any prior notice.They misbehaved with the employees, staff even with Members and forced them to leave the club. that’s really a shameful act by Pakistan Railways as the case was already underway in the Supreme Court(the highest legal authority in Pakistan) and Civil Court had issued a stay order in favor of Royal Palm management.

The management signed a lease agreement with Pakistan Railways in 2001 for operational purpose and transforms the club into one of the best social places in Lahore with International standards.The club hosts International seminars,work shops,golf tournaments fashion shows and other official events with world class facility,just because of professional and educated leadership of Mr Ramzan Sheikh!!

As an overseas Pakistani i just want to ask few questions from our Government: what kind of impression you are sending to international investors? who’s going to invest in Pakistan? where established businessmen are not safe.       Mr Saad Rafique you don’t have any right to act like a Mola Jutt of Lahore And takeover everything you want, are you trying to set an example of speedy justice?? and what about those 500 employees and their families?you are answerable to people of Pakistan for every action you perform.

All we want is justice to be done!!!





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