Diner En Blanc: What To Wear?

Diner En Blanc( Dinner In White) an Exclusive event!! This prestigious Event started 27 years ago in Pairs and spread internationally since then.there is no website or online registration,it can only be attended by handpicked chic guests.happens once a year by hundreds people around the world. people bring their own tables,chairs food even  table cloth and yeah! all should be White. Officials and organizers arrange any beautiful public place for the event and kept secret until last moment. isn’t it excited?



What to Wear To Diner En Blanc?

Dress code is strictly White yes!! glamorous  all white attire,means you need to look pristine white.All white is more difficult than it sounds.My imaginations run wild when it comes to White attire as its my favorite color. If  this exclusive event returns to Dubai for an other VIP gathering i would love to wear something traditional yet trendy to represent my City.i created this look for you to get some inspiration.as you never know you make to this VIP list next time.crossing fingers*

outfit by  EVAYA https://www.facebook.com/Evaya.ayaaljawhary/


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Ladies tend to have it  easier than Gentlemen as its easier to get a full white dress than searching for white separates. Men don’t have many options when it comes to all-white. They can wear all summery casual outfit or sharp suited look.If you are invited and you are looking for some formal attire for you date which can go well with your evening dress, consider this latest tux collection by The Black Tux

The Black Tux is the first suit and tuxedo rental that doesn’t feel like one. They design and manufacture the highest quality product with perfect fit. Check out their website for premium suits and Tuxedos The best thing is they just launched their White Jacket Tuxedo that would be perfect for such event (wear white pants instead of black).








5 thoughts on “Diner En Blanc: What To Wear?

  1. Wooooow woooow woooow simplyyy wooooooowwwww … u r lloooking stunner
    Congratulations on ur international Blog babe..
    Keeep up the good work.

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