Patch It Up In Zara Style!

The patch trend is showing up everywhere this summer on jackets,on jeans even cute embellishment patch work on bags, but the latest patch trend is the combination of stripes and floral patch work. this combination is very popular this season and almost every brand is showcasing this trend in their latest collection.stripes and floral patches might not seem like a perfect match,stripes are straight and symmetrical, while floral patches are soft and romantic but they look so chic and trendy together yeah! opposites truly do attract.

i found this cutest off the shoulder dress at Zara.this dress immediately caught my eye due to the latest trendy combination of strips and floral embroidery patches and of-course off the shoulder neckline,one more off shoulder dress? yeahhh!!i think my shoulders are going to be the tannest part of my body by the end of summer. i paired it up with white culottes for an eastern look. never thought of wearing western dress in eastern style but fashion is all about experimenting with clothing and that is how you create some thing unique and different. Be Bold,Be Creative and Be stylish!!

Here’s how you can get this look:







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