If you ask me i was not a falsie person because false lashes always give me watery eyes and itchiness for some reason,  Till I got my hands on Alfa Lashes! Omg they are super smooth ,look natural and most of all you feel so comfortable . Mostly false eyelashes available in the market are quite heavy and uncomfortable and look unnatural because they are thicker than the normal human lashes.


ALFA mink lashes are light-weight and comfortable to wear because the fibres are softer and lighter with beautiful and natural curl.


They have use the higher quality of materials and the beautiful styles, it’s a smart investment and a must have of the season in any fashionista’s makeup bag.

Available in six beautiful styles!!



3 thoughts on “Review: ALFA LASHES!”

  1. Great work beautiful 💓 which one are you using for pics out of six lashes. …?Amazing work of Dubai Social Diaries…keep it up… looking forward to read more wonderful stuff of it….😍


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