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Don’t match your makeup to your Red dress!

Red is such a bright color, so your makeup with red dress should be simple!if you will wear too much makeup like bright red lipstick and made up eyes you will look overdone  but if you don’t wear enough makeup, you could look washed-out(personal experience)So it’s better to highlight either your eyes or your lips not both.


If you don’t want to wear red lipstick, go for a nude lips. As I told you nude lipstick can make your skin look a little washed-out, Specially with vibrant red dress. If you feel that!!add little rosy color to your cheeks but not too much!



add blush In rosy colour to your cheeks.Please avoid using blush that exactly matches your red dress.better to go for light rosy,peachy or pink shades.




Smokey eye shadow will look very glamorous with red dress. use shimmery or matte black, gray eye shadows.


You Don’t Need to Match Lipstick And Nail Polish Colors! I always love to match my nail color with my red dress!




Attending traditional Pakistani wedding is always fun, when i say Pakistani weddings you can pretty much substitute this for Indian weddings.we are all bunch of awesome folks living in the subcontinent of Asia 😉

Bright and shiny dresses,amazing makeup, eye catching jewelry( btw you won’t see shortage of gold at our wedding one thing that got religiously observed by our desi aunties,so my advice for you is GO BIG OR GO HOME), dancing to the beat of dhol and last but not the least yummy food (food is usually the only reason i attend wedding-where is food?? when they gonna serve?? ahhh i can smell the biryani in the air!!! and we Punjabi normally ignore our blood pressure and high cholesterol problems that time ;))LOL

so coming back to my outfit of the day! as you know our weddings are big gala affair and when it comes to clothing for guests,there are many options for ladies to choose from. so i picked up this beautiful classy and bright dress ( wanted to do little experiment with  my look as i always wear simple n light color outfits)

Got this dress from TRENDY COUTURE by Dubai based designer BUSHRA NABEEL. when i saw this dress i instantly fell in love with beautiful color,red and beige,it was perfect for me.loved the dull gold tilla and sitara work.

  • Beautiful maroon shade Lehanga in soft net with tilla and sitara work on it, inside lining in  jamawar with gold tilla work.
  • shirt material is black velvet with sitara and tilla work.
  • 3 yard full embroidery dupatta in soft net with four side tassels to give it a royal look.
  • Completed my look with beautiful Kundan jewelry.
  • My makeup is pretty much same as i always do ,  just added little bit of  drama using false eyelashes,with my favorite plum pout;)











How to achieve a soft & polished look for v-day.

because sometimes its OK to leave the red lipstick home….

romantic flushed cheeks…

for the cute rosy glow pick a pink blush with hint of warmth, dab a shimmery highlighter above the cheekbones.12688244_10203963773774823_8839337907675076180_n

cute flipped out waves…

using curling iron or wand,curl sections of hair away from your face.set it with hairspray12662556_10203963773894826_1748602689141757050_n

sexy eyeshadow…

apply matte red eyeshadow across the ids and for the glossy finish pat on clear gloss with flat makeup brush…



sexy over the shoulder hair….

after washing your hair apply volumizing mousse to the roots and blow dry.



nude glow…

this look is all about bronze.take two shimmery eyeshadows,one dark and one lightapply dark one at the corner of the eye,and dab the light one at the inner corner.


chocolate smoky eyes…

brown eyeshadow look amazing on every skin tone.apply all over the lid..or apply all the way up to the eyebrow.12642623_10203963772654795_2977605088894268881_n

pastel eyes….

pastel eyeshadow gave simple look a pleasant buzz.



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gold eyes & pale lips…


the waterfall twist hairstyle…


lavender lipstick…

feeling little bold and even little daring? its different and unique and it will get you noticed. so ditch the red for now and go with this shade.



messy,loose side braid…


casual braid hairstyle…


no makeup look…







some days you want your makeup look natural and not too done. A fresh face is always in style.we have seen those girls who always look naturally gorgeous and their makeup looks very minimal,right? i’m spilling the beans on no-makeup look so you all can look effortlessly fabulous and natural beauties! well i’m not an expert or PRO but i love makeup and love teaching people what i know so here are few tips for natural looking makeup.

1-one of the most important no-makeup beauty tip is to have natural base.pick a base with dewy finish for best results.(you can use tinted moisturizer or BB cream too)

2-if you have dark circles,be sure to hide them with concealer. trust me all those girls sporting natural looks are wearing lots of concealer.

3-use a loose or translucent power where you need it… T-ZONE area,under eye on top of spots after concealer.

4-apply an eye shadow… little darker than your natural skin tone and apply all over your can use a shimmery champagne color to highlight you brow bone and inner corners as well.

5-apply eye pencil in between your lash line, it really open up the eyes and make lashes appear fuller without any obvious liner. apply your mascara afterwards.

6-grab your pink or peach blush and apply on the apple of your checks.going too red or pink can look too done-up.

7-use highlighter for a dewy skin and blend it nicely.the highlighter is one of the finishing touch of your makeup,so you need to be careful not to smear it all around.

8-use a tinted lip balm or any nude lip color. creamy or semi sheer lipsticks work best with this look.