Time to write my first blog post…

but something is holding me back from taking that first step.

what is it?

yeah! blogging is kind of terrifying :p

sometimes the hardest part about writing is learning how to find your voice.it took me quite a long time to develop my voice,and now i have it,i am not going to be silent :p….some people like to write about serious topics while others love humorous pieces…..well i love fashion so i will be writing about it mostly.But today i want to say something on courage and power…in simple words WOMEN EMPOWERMENT.One of the most courageous things you can do is to find yourself,who you are?what you want from your life?…ummmm….stuck for an answer? if you dont know what you really want in life,you are not alone…..life is so busy that we dont have time to think about it and when we do find what we want, it can seem impossible to achieve it.Think about it,take out some time to do things which makes you happy. it could be anything reading,writing,singing, dancing anything!!!! have some peace of mind, be free from worry and fears,honor your body,your mind and EACH OTHER….and the most important thing! you only live once,but if you do it right,once is enough…..