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Kat Von D and Jeffree Star are no longer friends

News from the Makeup World!!!
Jeffree Star & Kat Von D start calling themselves “Besties” after appearing together on the reality show L.A. Ink in 2011, and after that they both become big names of beauty world, with popular makeup lines. But now Kat is announcing that she is disassociating herself from Jeffree Star!!
she even named a hot pink liquid lipstick after him as she ends her friendship with Jeffree, she will also be pulling Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Jeffree (salmon pink)from shelves.
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Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem!

Makeup Review!!

it’s straight up pretty plain brown. (Not maroonish brown) A true chocolate brown liquid lipstick ,dries down to a matte finish( but not uncomfortable)i’m a big Matte lipstick Fan but was not sure about this brown shade,decided to get it because i wanted to try something different.It honestly is more wearable and interesting than I was expecting!! (I was expecting to hate it but I’m loving it)♥️♥️

👉🏼TIP: Wear some lip balm before applying this lipstick because it is matte and can be drying.

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