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Since my hubby and i have been together since we were teenagers (mashallah) valentines day has always represented love in its sweetest form. ย Well i’m not a biggest valentine’s day advocate, a candle light dinner and movie at home with my hubby is perfectly romantic for me any time,any day.i’m married for 12 years and i have to tell you that every day (or every weekend :p) is a valentines day.i know it sounds cheesy but trust me its true. If valentines day is super important to you, ask yourself why? is it for the gifts? extra attention? or just an excuse to get dressed up and go out on date with your man?well they are all good reasons but i think all these things a couple should be doing on a regular basis and not just because of valentines day.

making your man feel special, dressing up for him,cooking his favorite food without any particular reason are things you should do for him on regular basis ( of course not everyday)when you make somebody feel loved and appreciated, most of the time they will return the love. you get what you give…..

and having small children is no excuse. you can manage if you really want to spend some alone time with your man. Remember married couples need some alone time for healthy relationship.


valentines night don’t need to be fancy or expensive. sharing some personal favorite ideas to make this night beautiful, comfy,cozy and romantic…..

1-the most important thing….. if your kids are small, put them to bed early. keep their dinner easy and favorite so there are no battles ( you know what i mean ahhhh) you need privacy and no interruptions please.

2-don’t have time to make a special dinner? take it easy and order your favorite food, dine under star’s on you balcony or by candle light in your living room.

3-do you have preteens who stay up late than you on weekends (in my case yes)than take your dinner, go to the park or beach with blanket if its cold (or just sit in the backseat of your car :p) you can make it even dinner and movie date with your laptop or portable DVD.

4-you can turn your home easily into romantic love nest through the creative use of candles/music/flowers and food

5-try to keep it lite,NO SERIOUS DISCUSSIONS!

6-smile and laugh! a bored miserable expression on your face will kill his mood.

7-make dinner together( if he like it)

8-watch his favorite movie

9-regardless of how long you have been together, sometimes things are not easy in a relationship if you are going through a rough time, try to break away things which are making you apart.

10- last but not least…DRESS TO IMPRESS, wear something your man like. A little dress ( never hurts any one ๐Ÿ˜› ), there are many classy ways to show some skin ๐Ÿ˜‰